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We usually equip our standard spot and projection welding machines with the weld current control units of the Harms + Wende company Ltd. Depending on the application, these units can be extended by special monitoring and logging modules.
Our special welders often require control, regulation and monitoring of the welding process which exceed the facilities of a standard control system. Therefore, we have developed a suitable control system for these purposes.

This modular control system consists of the following main components:

  • Industrial PC for visualization, monitoring, parameter entry and order management
  • PLC for machine operation and analog processing of all relevant process variables (current, travel or distance, pressure and power)
  • PLC for process control and regulation

Since both the software of the industrial PC and the PLC can be adapted to the particular application, the control system can be ideally adjusted to our new and, of course, to all modernized resistance welding machines.

The following machines are equipped with those control systems:

  • Flash butt welding machines
  • Pressure butt welding machines
  • Special machines for spot, projection and seam welding
  • Percussion welding machines
  • Pressure welding machines for copper strips
The monitoring module indicates the observance of the most important welding parameters by a colored bar chart
The graph then permits to trace back any undesired parameter deviation or non-conformance with the aid of appropriate tools

Download of the datasheet (PDF)