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Percussion welding is a variation or version of resistance welding, which is characterized by extremely short welding times and high welding currents. During this procedure, a joint is produced by a rapidly ignited arc and by the force which is generated by an electromagnet. Since only one 50 Hz half wave is used for the actual welding process, the welding time is always in the range of about 10 ms. The weld current can reach values of about 100 kA.
The short welding time and the high welding current allow the combination of materials with high electrical and thermal conductivity. Also, large cross-section and thickness differences in the workpieces to be welded are no problem.

In addition to the materials that can be processed on conventional resistance welding machines, the method is particularly suitable for the following combinations of materials and applications:

  • Copper, tungsten, silver, molybdenum, nickel and their alloys
  • Workpieces produced by powder metallurgy
  • High-melting materials for high-voltage switchgear and control gear as well as power and heavy-duty switching devices

The components frequently used in power and high power switching devices in the field of electrical engineering can be made without the use of solder, flux or other welding and soldering consumables.

The main features of the method are

  • The short welding time results in a very narrow heat affected zone
  • A joint is created which is free from weld upset and nearly free from spatter
  • Since the parts do not distort during the welding process and since there is nearly no material loss, minimum postweld machining or dressing is required, only.
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